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Wound Care

  • Offers therapeutic results through alternating pressure relief
  • Allows caregivers to visually monitor the actual pressure in the inflated and deflated air cells
  • Water resistant, vapor permeable, anti-shear coverlet



  • Offers true Low Air Loss with air directly reaching the patient’s skin through thousands of microscopic holes in the top coverlet
  • Quilted, breathable, five layer design cover is impermeable to water, yet permeable to vapor molecules (sweat)
  • Automatic weight and height settings and therapy for patients up to 500 pounds
  • Patients no longer need to be confined to a bed to receive aggressive alternating pressure relief
  • 12 alternating air cells on a 2 minute alternating cycle
  • Fits all standard wheelchairs



  • Multiple therapies are combined into a single system for rapid wound healing
  • Three individual pressure zones for individual customization


  • Alternating pressure Low-Air-Loss Mattress provides the ultimate combination of user simplicity and technological advancements
  • Easy touch pad operation, with internal sensors to detect and adjust changes in pressure

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