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  • Customized cushion which can be modified to suit your seating needs
  • Made from custom cut HR foam with a full bladder of gel
  • Comes with 2 covers, an inner and outer incontinent proof cover display, allowing for easy documentation
  • Low profile cushion that combines multiple layers of foam
  • Anti thrust shelf helps create pelvic stability which discourages sacral sitting




  • Matrx posture backs are contoured to provide midline support and positioning
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and depths





  • Uses a combination of molded foam and dual layer fluid sacs to provide the highest level of skin protection for users with high risk of skin breakdown


  • ROHO seating cushions help skin integrity by promoting blood flow by fitting, matching and tracking the shape of each individual
  • Available in low, mid and high profile in sizes ranging from 15″ x 15″ to 28″ x 20″

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